Visual Art

Terry's work spans a variety of mediums, shapes, and sizes. A few examples are included here, but for a full experience, send a note to set up time to tour his studio, find a piece or design a custom work for your home.

Site Sculpture

Trees that are dying, can no longer be maintained or that are in need of removal can be prime candidates for transformation into a piece of art that you can continue to enjoy even without the shade of leaves. Their deep roots ground the sculptures so that they can withstand interactions from weather, animals, children and adults. Terry often creates these scultpures using a chainsaw, but may also use other power and hand tools to achieve a specific shape or texture.

If you have a tree that you would like to give new life, contact Terry to evaluate its condition and talk through your design ideas.


Every species of wood has a natural beauty that Terry tries to capture with each piece. Most of his wood sculptures are made from walnut or cherry, but he has worked in many other types as well.


Terry has worked with volcanic lava rock, granite, flagstone, gypsum, limestone, sandstone and marble (among others) to create a variety of artwork. Many of his stone works evolved from the original, natural shape of the rock and its inherent texture. He also developed a custom concrete composite that allowed him to more freely create durable stone-like sculptures in any shape that he could imagine.


Even though painting on canvas isn't usually a primary focus for Terry, he has produced many works of different sizes and styles.